The Best Dog Grooming Stand!

Introducing the DogUp Stand – a professional, portable dog grooming stand!

Dog grooming is a difficult task, even for experienced groomers. Dogs are not always as obedient as we’d like, and groomers often encounter dogs that insist on sitting while being groomed. The DogUp Stand is an innovative dog grooming stand that was designed to give you an extra hand by holding the dog in the standing position, allowing you to focus all of your effort and attention on what you love to do…groom!

We are confident that our dog grooming stands will help you shave time off of your grooms (pun intended!) while reducing frustration and wrist fatigue, decreasing the likelihood of accidental nicks due to sudden movements, and limiting the amount of time your clients have to be on the grooming table. This is particularly important for senior dogs, disabled dogs, and aggressive dogs. The best part is there are no straps to adjust, move, or catch hair! We really hope you find the DogUp Stand to be an invaluable dog grooming tool for your business! The DogUp Stand also works great for veterinarians and other animal care professionals!

The DogUp Stand and the DogUp Mini were proudly designed and made in the USA!


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