Large and Small DogUp Stands

The patent-pending DogUp Stand and DogUp Mini were designed with durability, adjustability, and usability in mind (see here for more info on how to use the DogUp Stand).

DogUp Stands

The regular DogUp Stands are made of durable aluminum alloy, making them light enough to easily take on and off the grooming table as needed, but heavy enough to stay in place when in use. The CNC-machined components are fully TIG welded for strong joints that will last indefinitely – no cheap spotwelds here! It features a stylish dogbone-shaped base for stability, and the curved saddle is now adjustable and contours to the dog’s belly to keep them comfortable and secure. The comfort-grip knob allows you to continuously adjust the height of the stand for the perfect amount of support for your clients, and plastic guides are used to reduce friction and give a smooth but secure fit.

The DogUp Stand comes in three sizes: small, large, and extra-large. The small stand adjusts from approximately 5.75″ to 9″ in height, which is perfect for smaller dogs like Cavies and Shih Tzus. The large stand adjusts from approximately 9″ to 15.75″, which works great for larger dogs like Collies and Huskies. The extra-large stand adjusts from approximately 15.75″ to 22.5″, which is intended for very large dogs like Mastiffs and Saint Bernards. The bases and saddles are sized appropriately for the stand sizes.

The DogUp Stands are currently offered with a beautiful silver powder-coated finish for improved resistance to scratches and scuffs and easy cleaning. The DogUp Stand is a quality, durable product that will last for years of use!

DogUp Mini for toy breeds and puppies

DogUp Mini

The brand new DogUp Mini is the perfect complement to the DogUp Stand, and it is specifically meant for toy breeds, puppies, and other small dogs. The innovative design provides a range of support heights in a single dog-bone-shaped device! It works by simply changing the orientation of the DogUp Mini! It’s that easy! The five support height ranges from approximately 3.25″ to 5.25″ in 1/2″ increments, which makes the DogUp Mini perfect for minature dogs like Yorkies and Maltese.

The DogUp Minis are made of closed-cell high-density foam and a rubberized coating for easy cleaning. It’s 100% waterproof (even the foam inside), so you can use it while bathing! The DogUp Mini is a quality, durable product that will last for years of use!

The DogUp Stand and the DogUp Mini were proudly designed and made in the USA!





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