Please note that the strap color/pattern may vary.

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The optional straps attach to the saddle and gives your clients a bit more security if you take more time grooming, or if they tend to move around a lot on the grooming table. If you’re a fast groomer, you may find that the straps get in the way. Please note that the straps may not work in every grooming situation. The straps can be easily removed or attached as needed. Each strap order will include one set of straps (choose the correct size based on the stand size ordered). For the straps, the large and extra-large sizes are the same. Please note, the color and pattern may vary.


Please note that the straps will NOT fit the DogUp Mini, only the small, large, and extra-large DogUp Stands.


For international orders, this product can only be purchased with a DogUp Stand.

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Small, Large, Small+Large


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